For marketers looking to work with highly engaged Instagram micro-influencers, ApexDrop is a service agency that provides a turn-key solution. Unlike sites that let you shop for overpriced influencers or difficult software, ApexDrop does all the hard work by managing hundreds of micro-influencer collaborations for you that drive tremendous results.


With social media changing the way we communicate and shop, it was only a matter of time before advertisers found a way to blend the power of word-of-mouth marketing with the incredible reach of social media.

While influencer marketing has proven to be an effective way to spread the word about new products, it has also become a saturated, expensive, and tasteless space where buying followers and paying for reviews has become the norm. ApexDrop set out on a mission to find the “true” influencers of the world, and make it easier and more affordable for brands to work with them.


After several years of testing different platforms, vetting methods and forms of compensation, we finally discovered the “sweet spot” in influencer marketing.  As you likely know by now, the most value from influencer marketing doesn’t always come from the largest following.  It tends to come from the truly engaged accounts that most people overlook with smaller followings. But how do you get enough of these truly engaged micro-influencers to really have an impact with your brand? Who has time for all of this relationship management?


Hiring a team of experts can be an affordable and effective way to perform influencer marketing campaigns. ApexDrop provides our clients with a team of experts who help them grow by managing large-scale product sampling and gifting collaborations.  By utilizing the power of our exclusive network of 3,300 highly engaged influencers, brands can achieve incredible results in a short period of time. By focusing on accepting only the most engaged and contextual influencers into our program, we provide an effective system for influencers to promote quality products they love. There has never been an easier way to work with hundreds of trend setters at a time.


In a world where consumers are trained to spot brands that buy positive reviews and followers, authentic marketing has never been more important. ApexDrop strives to find only the “true” influencers that inspire people and connect them with the most deserving brands. We run a fully managed service for our clients to assure the campaigns are contextual and meaningful to both sides. This obsession with true quality connections has allowed our clients to maintain a tremendous competitive advantage in content marketing and word-of-mouth marketing through a proprietary turn-key micro-influencer campaign service.


If your brand offers something valuable to the world, but you just need more people to “discover” you, we implore you to schedule a time to discuss our system today.

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